Balthazar and his gangEdit

A quick-tempered, blind old mole-Father of Jedidiah and Ezekiel and leader of The Rodent Clan. With the help of his two sons, and the unintentional help of Rango(By showing him where the bank is), he sneaks into it during the night-Only to find it was already robbed...Afterwards, as he attacks his dim-witted son Jedidiah-Ezekiel appears bearing a jug-Which, unknown to Balthazar, is empty. Before Ezekiel could say anything, Rango and his gang arrive, disguised as Thespians, and a battle ensues between the Rodent Clan and Rango's gang. At the end of the fight, both sides finally understand that the bottle was empty, and Balthazar, Ezekiel and Jedidiah surrender to Rango to be taken back and imprisoned, going quietly. Near the end of the movie, when water flows through Dirt, water blasts into the jail cell, causing a hole in the floor, and Balthazar and his sons leap joyfully into the shower of water, disappearing from sight-And escaping their cell, and possibly, the town of Dirt.Whereabouts now unknown. Wanted for water theft and a dysfunctional family.