CHARACTER INFO A heartless gunslinger with a Gatling-gun-tail to boot, Jake is a notorious and infamous gun-for-hire, and with no wonder-Having dragged both Sheriff Amos, Sheriff Smalls, and Sheriff Davis away from this earthy realm and down to Hell. This rattlesnake has a back-story so amazing words haven't been invented to describe it yet.
Rattlesnake Jake
Character name Rattlesnake Jake
Birthplace Unknown
Homeworld Rango
Species Rattlesnake Jake
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Height Unknown, but enormous
Weight Unknown
Hair None
Eye Red
Affiliation None
Noteworthy accomplishments The gruesome slayings of Sheriff Amos, Sheriff Smalls, and Sheriff Davis
Position Gunslinger
Weaponry Gatling-gun replacing his rattle
Allies Temporarily allied with Mayor Marion Lynch Bad Bill, Chorizo, Kinski and Stump.
Foes Temporarily, Sheriff Rango
Fears Hawks, his natural predator
Siblings Unknown
Parents Unknown
Quotes "This is my town, and if I ever see you here again I will drag you down TO HELL!"