A quick-tempered, blind, sly old mole dwindling away in his Clan's ever-shrinking Chromosome pool until he one day has the bright idea to take his two sons Jedidiah and Ezekiel and try his hand at robbing The Bank of Dirt. Prone to violent fits and sudden outbursts of anger-Doubling the danger of a cracked skull and splintered ribs if he ahs his trusty staff at hand. Whereabouts currently unknown. Wanted for attempt at water theft and promotion of dysfuntional family. To read more: Balthazar's part in the movie


Balthazar and his son Jedidiah

Character name Balthazar "Pappy"
Birthplace Unknown
Homeworld Rango
Species Mole
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Height Tall
Weight Thin
Hair White beard on his chin.
Eye Blind
Affiliation The Rodent Clan
Noteworthy accomplishments The Battle at the Cliffs, between The Rodent Clan and the citizens of Dirt, over an (empty) water jug
Position Chief of The Rodent Clan
Weaponry Staff
Allies The Rodent Clan
Foes Temporarily, Sheriff Rango and the Citizens of The Town of Dirt.
Fears Unknown
Family Jedidiah(Son), Ezekiel(Son), Maybelle(Possibly daughter)
Parents Unknown


"Well, sheriff, if we was to hit the mother lode, being prospectors and sich, where would we deposit said annuity?"